On June 24, 2022, the first LTS Employee Day with our Purpose


took place – a premiere for us and at the same time a huge success!

In addition to playful and technical challenges (including the assembly of three kickers), various presentations on the topic of “We CARE” were offered.

We were very pleased to be able to win Ms. Anja Allmannritter, a Parkinson’s patient, for an interview, who also uses a transdermal patch as a therapy herself! Mrs. Allmanritter, Kowelenzer Schängelsche, mother of two children and lawyer by profession had agreed to give us a little insight into the beginnings of her disease, her everyday life and how she deals with it.

Retired for a year, she now writes down her own thoughts, dreams, fears, hardships and feelings and expresses them through poems, stories or songs.

She has dedicated one poem to her transdermal patch. We want to leave that in the original and instead share another original poem in English on our blog:


I am a knight – I’m going to fight

against this nightmare – life isn’t fair.

They say I won’t die – is this the truth or a lie?

I know, I will suffer – but will I be tougher

every new day? – Yes, I’m gonna stay

brave and strong – a whole life long.

This crappy disease – it will never leave.

But I’m gonna breathe – deeply – to make „cheese“

A smile is my weapon – against the „Parkinson“-threaten.

I’m the stronger one – rights it‘s got none.

I don’t allow ears – to listen to my tears.

Nobody will hear – my depression and fear.

This way is right – cause I am a knight.

I just understand – that in „Parkinson“- land

I need a helping hand – but it won’t be the end!

There are family and friends – with their helping hands.

Most of them have always been there – always ready to share

everything in life – I can feel their strive.

Some friends are new – ignoring the clue

that I don’t expect anything – a strength they bring

like a magic ring – what a great thing.

Some friends are gone – I don’t miss a single one.

This lost is a gift – sometimes life‘s directions drift.

Life isn’t perfect at all – and Parkinson will make me fall

again and again – but I’ll fight my way back as long as I can.

I’m gonna fight – every day, every night. This way is right – cause I am a knight.

“Gezittert und gereimt”, but also “gezittert und gemalt” is available on her own website in German version: gezittert & gereimt – Autorin trotz Parkinson ( and also in English: Poems – gezittert & gereimt (

Thank you, Ms Allmanritter, for the insight into your everyday life with Parkinson’s!

Photo: Anja Allmanritter