Postcard Collection SKIN 2017

It is a mirror of the soul and antenna to the outside world – the human skin is the focus of this postcard series.

Wall Calendar SKIN_ART 2017

From the calendar 2016 many remember the unconventional point of view. We agreed that art is a matter of taste. Nevertheless, we have again chosen the theme Skin for the current calendar. The special thing this time was that artists should interpret the term skin / skin. Like last time, this calendar has a booklet in German and English. This way the interested person gets to know the artists and to appreciate their work

Wall Calendar SKIN 2016

Without skin no chance for a patch – no liability, no drug delivery, no effect. That’s how the idea of the “Skin 2016” calendar came into being. The highlight: the calendar is accompanied by a booklet containing texts and photos that did not come into play. As an exciting background information for those interested. Parallel to the shoot, a small film (“Skin Beauty”) was created, showing the motifs of the skin in moving pictures.