Join us on a journey into the world of transdermal patches and oral thin films.

Tablets, syringes and suppositories are known to everyone. The LTS has been developing intelligent alternatives since 1984:

We are all familiar with typical medication delivery systems, including tablets, syringes and suppositories; but did you know that since 1984, LTS has been developing technologically advanced, intelligent delivery system alternatives? It is all about drug delivery. Here at LTS, we develop and manufacture transdermal therapeutic systems or transdermal patches. The word “transdermal” originates from the Latin term ‘trans’ meaning through and the Greek term ‘derma’ meaning skin. That’s how our patches work:

they contain medications that enter the blood stream via absorption through the skin. This subject will be one of the main topics in our blog entries. We will also provide you with information about LTS’ other innovative technology: thin, quick dissolving films, or oral thin films (OTF). Much like transdermal patches, these films also contain medications. However, oral thin films are applied on the tongue or in the cheek pouch where they dissolve. By use of oral thin films, medication is delivered through the buccal or oral mucosa.

Our major milestones