Most of us probably have a positive relationship with animals.

After all, we associate animals with mostly good things: they are often helpers in difficult times, comforters, but also play partners or therapists – in other words, companions in all situations in life. Some people even prefer the presence of animals to that of humans, arguing that animals are always honest and never calculating. This image of helping gave us the idea of supporting our technologies by connecting them with the “right” animals. After all, LTS technologies are also based on the goal of accompanying and supporting people.

The LTS technologies briefly explained

Our philosophy We CARE. We CREATE. We DELIVER. is now based on 5 different technologies: TTS, OTF, MAP, TOPs, OBDS:

TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic Systems)

TTS are active ingredient patches whose active ingredients find their way into the bloodstream through the skin rather than as tablets or injections. The TTS is simply stuck to the skin and the active ingredient makes its way through the skin into the blood vessel. What could be more suitable than a frog? The frog sticks firmly to the respective surface with its suction cups. Just as the TTS is designed.

OTF (Oral Thin Films)

The Oral Thin Films are super easy to use: you take a small sheet and place it under your tongue (or in your cheek pocket) until it is completely dissolved. The OTF releases the active ingredient, which is immediately absorbed through the oral mucosa and passed into the bloodstream. We have chosen a chameleon for this, whose impressive tongue certainly has room for many OTFs…

MAP (Micro Array Patches)

A microneedle patch is only approx. 1 cm² “large” and studded with countless tiny needles that pierce the surface of the skin (completely painless – the patient doesn’t even notice). Of course, their prickly appearance immediately made us think of a hedgehog!

TOPs (topical patches)

Topical patches work very precisely. They are applied to the body exactly where the pain is located and then work precisely at this point. Which animal with excellent eyesight fixes its prey with pinpoint accuracy, finds it and finally kills it? It’s the owl!


Our OBDS (On Boarding Delivery System) is the “baby of the family” in the LTS technology family. OBDS are small portable devices that are filled with an active ingredient and attached to the skin with their patch layer. When the OBDS is activated, a small needle is inserted into the body and the active ingredient solution is administered. They are painless and offer weakened patients the convenience of not having to go to the doctor for the medication, but receiving the active ingredient automatically at home and at the right time. The hummingbird fits like a glove here: with its agility, the iridescent little bird symbolizes freedom par excellence. The OBDS gives patients this freedom by allowing them to use the therapy at home, free of appointments.


Fotos: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG