LTS remains true to its philosophy and continues to break new ground!

So far, we have successfully focused on the following technologies

  • TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic Systems)
  • OTF (Oral Thin Films)
  • MAP (Micro Array Patches) and
  • TOPs (Topical Patch Systems)

These were all innovative and sophisticated technologies that were developed with the aim of making patients’ difficult journey through a disease as easy as possible. This has made it possible to avoid many of the unpleasant side effects that medication in the form of injections, suppositories and tablets can entail.

However, all these technologies have one drawback. They cannot be used to administer large molecules (or only in very small quantities with MAP). This is why there is now a 5th technology at LTS: OBDS (On Body Delivery Systems)!

OBDS – what is that?

We have had this new “member” of the LTS technology family since 2023. OBDS are small portable devices that are filled with an active ingredient and attached to the skin with their patch layer. When the OBDS is activated, a small needle is inserted into the body and the drug solution is administered.

The first OBDS were developed for insulin therapy. The intention was to relieve diabetics of the pressure of constantly measuring their blood sugar and injecting insulin. The OBDS in insulin therapy are called “pods”, which are filled with insulin and stuck to the skin to release the insulin continuously. The latest models are already able to cooperate with a blood glucose sensor and automatically release the necessary amount of insulin without the patient having to measure or inject. In addition, attempts have been made to establish the advantages of OBDS in therapeutic areas outside of diabetes.

The many advantages of OBDS

1.A wide range of applications

An OBDS is designed for larger volumes and can therefore be used for small and large molecules. Large molecules are biomolecules (e.g. antibodies) that normally have to be injected by syringe or infusion. This is no longer necessary, as the OBDS now takes care of this!

2.Freedom from pain

An OBDS also delivers active substances with high viscosity (thick liquid). Such molecules often cause patients pain when injected. This is significantly reduced by the OBDS!

3.Automatic time coordination

An OBDS is able to deliver the active ingredient continuously or with a time delay so that it does not interfere with other therapies. More on this in our next blog post.

4.It`s much easier for the patient!

Last but not least: patients are relieved of the tedious trip to the doctor – the trend is moving towards telemedicine. Medication via the OBDS is conveniently administered from home and the automatic injection via the small needle is hardly noticeable – an additional simplification for sick people, especially those with chronic conditions.


LTS remains committed to this philosophy. We CARE.  

Foto: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG