Less than a year ago we proudly presented our newly founded LTS orchestra and even then we at least considered the foundation of an LTS choir.

Tadaaa …… now it exists too!!!

In both cases the start was a bit hesitant. Because who doesn’t know them – the voices that murmur in your ear “….. you can’t do that……., you’ve been out for far too long……, you’re embarrassing yourself……, whaaat – at YOUR age??……”.

But anyone who knows music and what it can achieve also knows that music ultimately prevails over doubts.

To each little animal his little playground

To each little animal his little playgropund – some like instruments, others prefer to sing. Thus, after some preliminary discussions, first our LTS orchestra was formed in April 2022 and then, in July 2023, our LTS choir with the fantastic name “Health Angels” (Nomen est Omen😉)!

Women apparently prefer to sing than men. At first, only female singers signed up, both alto and soprano, but in the meantime a small handful of brave employees have already thrown their hats into the ring and want to show what “they” can do.

Competence and passion

With Andreas Barth, we were able to engage a great and extremely charismatic choir director who studied singing and is active as an opera and concert singer, actor and lecturer for singing and piano.

So here we go and who knows – maybe we will see many joint performances of our LTS Orchestra and our LTS Choir in the foreseeable future……


Photo: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG