We proudly present: the LTS-Band!

If we already spend more time with colleagues than with our own partner, we can share our hobbies besides our work, can’t we?

That’s why we have had our first LTS Orchestra for a few months now!

The idea was born at the beginning of the year, we wanted to bring together music enthusiasts and people interested in music to make music together and of course to perform together at some point…….

Quickly an orga-team was formed, which took care of planning, selection of pieces, sheet music and “recruitment” of further musicians.

The first enthusiastic colleagues were won over to the idea via the intranet and word of mouth. Even some of those who hesitated at the beginning and thought that they “couldn’t do anything anymore” because they hadn’t played for years, were quickly convinced of the opposite, and it is precisely them who are now having a lot of fun!

At the moment mainly wind instruments are represented, e.g. trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet and even a euphonium and a baritone horn. But there is also percussion! And we also have a very competent conductor!

Basically, everyone is welcome, completely independent of personal level or knowledge.

By the way, we would also be very happy to have strings…… ;-).

The foundation of an LTS choir was also considered, but for various reasons we have postponed this for the time being. What is not, can still become.

In April of this year, our brave troop met for the first time to get to know each other in our “penthouse” and meanwhile our orchestra proudly counts 14 members! Of course, we hope for more new members and are happy about everyone who wants to join us.

The only thing that is missing now is more routine and a suitable name!

We are working on it!

Foto: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG.