LTS Purpose
LTS Purpose

Fulfillment in life, but also in the job you achieve only if you can orient yourself to a goal / a purpose.

A project only gains meaning if it is part of a larger context, otherwise all efforts in its context come to nothing.

For LTS, after careful consideration, a direction had very quickly emerged, which was then cast into a catchy phrase that sums up everything that moves us:


A bit cryptic at first glance, but on closer inspection almost self-explanatory ;-):

We CARE – we have a responsibility towards those who use our products, the patients.

We CREATE – we research to develop new ways to make patients’ lives easier and more bearable.

We DELIVER – we deliver reliably and on time and keep our agreements with our contractual partners.

With this motto – in motivating LTS green – we have recently decorated the walls of our meeting rooms and our company canteen to remind us of our common goals every day. A nice side effect is that it adds a little color to the white walls.

More about our Purpose and LTS can be found here.

Foto: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG