Sonne und Haut
Sonne und Haut

It’s April – spring is finally here! It is the beginning of the most beautiful season, the days are getting noticeably longer, the temperatures are rising and in the morning we are woken up – sometimes quite early – by birdsong…

Of course, we want to replenish our vitamin D stores and enjoy every hour of sunshine. But be careful – just in spring, the power of the sun’s rays is quickly underestimated! Before you know it, the first sunburn appears in the form of redness, itching and sometimes even pain.

It is now generally known that the consequences of frequent sunburns often only become apparent after decades, in the form of spots or birthmarks on the skin or, in the worst case, in the form of skin cancer. As our largest organ in terms of surface area, the skin is not only a sensitive contact organ, but also holds the body together, so to speak, protects the organs as a barrier and helps to break down free radicals through sweating. Translated with (free version)

Accordingly, our skin is in need of protection. The LTS has taken this to heart and launched the poster campaign “Full of sun” with the aim of drawing attention to the right measure when worshipping the sun.

The theme fits in with the philosophy of LTS, for which the skin is the absolute focus anyway. For us, everything revolves around the skin and its use as a transport route for active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Picture: LTS Lohmann-Therapie-Systeme AG