Pumpkins with lights are the perfect decoration for Halloween
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Finally – It`s Halloween – the eve of All Saints` Day, November 1st.

Halloween fits perfectly into this muddy time oft he year which in fact is part of its attraction. Halloween is a spooky day – people disguise themselves as witches, skeletons or other dislikable figures. Most famous symbol is a hollowed pumpkin with a candle inside shining through the graved grimace: perfidiously and deviously – it is an occasion to deliberately provoke goose pimples. Halloween is seen across many Western cultures as a „celebration of the dead“. Although its history connects back to religious days of observance, its exact religious and cultural origin remain debated. The common belief traces its beginnings in Gaelic and Welsh traditions, a celebration this time of year marking the beginning of winter and proclaiming that spirits oft he world can pass through and visit the Earth more easily. To appease them, offerings of food, candles and gifts were laid outside and over time spirits oft he other world would eventually be interoreted as souls of the dead.

Ireland ist he origin – not the USA

Halloween origins from catholic Ireland – not from the USA, even though a lot of people think so! The Irish migrants took their traditions with them on their way to America and cultivated them there. Much later, in the 1990s, Halloween came back to Europe and is legendary since then. This must be the reason why children are that excited and enthusiastic about it: the idea of light-hearted mischief and trouble without serious intent, or consequences, is fun! Especially, if children may tease adults.

Let`s talk about Psyche

Psychologists call it the lust of fear, but is it really fun to get shocked and if so, why is it so? Many people face a structured and monotonous everyday life. That`s why the feeling of danger – depending on its dosage of course – might be a most welcome contrast.

Being in a scary situation can be exciting, provided that we are 100% sure to survive the situation in a save way…. This is exactly what happens if people consume horror movies or PC games. In such case gamblers have the option to influence their „destiny“ by coping with scary or creepy challenges.

It`s the fault of Dopamine!

Watching a horrorfilm may provoke euphoria which in turn is released by the messenger Dopamine. This is how „lust of fear“ is being generated, often accompanied by goose pimples. And all of us know the important function of our skin. As you know the center of LTS` activities is „skin“ and everything connected to it. Curious? Please have a look here!

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