The skin is our biggest sensory and contact organ.

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We know countless aphorisms involving skin. For instance, when “skintight jeans” no longer fit, we may no longer feel “comfortable in our own skin”; unless we have “thick skin”, we are at risk of people getting “under our skin”; pop songs tell us how things get “under our skin” or are “only skin deep”. We embellish our skin by tattooing it, piercing it or by using Botox. We paint it, lift it and cut it off.

Not All Skin is the Same

The cosmetics industry often classifies skin as normal, dry, greasy and combination. Have you heard of Thomas Fitzpatrick, the American dermatologist who in 1975 devised a scale of six skin types:

  • Celtic skin type (I) Pale white skin, reddish hair, freckles, blue eyes, very frequent sunburn, very high risk of skin cancer
  • Nordic skin type (II) White skin, blond/brown hair, often freckles, blue/green eyes, frequent sunburns, high risk of skin cancer
  • Mixed skin type (III) Cream white skin, brown hair, brown/blue/green eyes, few freckles, occasional sunburn, risk of skin cancer
  • Mediterranean skin type (IV) Brownish-olive skin, brown eyes/hair, no freckles, rare sunburn, low risk of skin cancer
  • Dark skin type (V) Dark skin, black eyes/air, no freckles, rarely sunburn, very low risk of skin cancer
  • Black skin type (IV) Dark brown to black skin, black eyes/hair, no freckles, practically no sunburn, virtually no risk of skin cancer

We Should Appreciate Our Skin More

Skin is the largest sensory and contact organ in our bodies.

It separates the inside from the outside, serves representative purposes, and maintains homeostasis (inner balance). It protects us from the environment and heat loss. Our complete body, our physical existence so to speak, is held together by our skin. We should therefore treat it with the appropriate care. I think the role our skin plays is often grossly underestimated.

In fact, we at LTS have developed a calendar celebrating the skin and its many characteristics. We invite you to see just how beautiful and extraordinary skin is portrayed in our calendar and the accompanying video.

LTS Sends Active Ingredients Through the Skin

No matter what skin type you have, the Skin has ist very own rules. It has barriers that decide what can pass through it and what cannot. That is just where LTS comes in. Since 1984 LTS has been forging new paths in transdermal drug delivery, a method of applying drugs through the skin that was and still is innovative. TTS has made LTS a worldwide leader in transdermal therapy systems.


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