Do you already use a plaster to prevent?

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Sounds like something from the 1960`s, right? In the aftermath of Woodstock, the height of the 60`s movement, everything was questioned: hierarchies, morals, societal rules, and the relationship between the sexes.

And it was the time that “The Pill” came on the market. It was a revolution and it certainly helped women live more self-determined lives. At the same time, concern was expressed that women bore all responsibility for birth control. That is a valid point that still needs work.

That’s Better!

Take heart – a giant step has been taken. Thanks to LTS and its partners` research efforts, the Pill has been available in a form of a contraceptive patch for over a decade. The consumer goods industry benefits from this innvoation (my favorite example is a well-known company based in Hamburg), but there are other benefits, as well.

Forget about Forgetting!

Women receive 3 contraceptive patches to be applied (one each) weekly over the course of a month. No patch is applied during the 4th week. I think that this method has an enormous advantage over the Pill. Forget about forgetting! There are better things to do than to wake up in the middle of the night wondering: did I remember to take the Pill or not?

Using the patch is easy and it is also discrete. Even if you are feeling unwell, there is no risk to the efficacy of the active ingredient. You probably know that gastrointestinal issues have the potentioal to affect or even eliminate the effectiveness of the Pill. That can`t happen with a contraceptive patch. There is no impact to your everyday activities, including showering, bathing, swimming, jogging, etc.

Everyone Benefits

Children are the most wonderful gift: they are our future. However, planned parenthood is just as important. In short: it is one small patch, but one giant leap for mankind  from which everyone will benefit.


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