LTS had the idea of administering pharmaceuticals via a pain patch through the skin

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Stabbing, aching, agonizing – that is how pain is typically described. Pain is about as useful as a hole in the head and can affect any part of the body, but it is often worst when it comes in the form of headaches or migraines. Pain can make you furious and reduce your ability to focus, not to mention that it does nothing to improve your mood.

Thanks to years of research in the pharmaceutical industry, for some time now, there have been means to manage pain. We can fight pain with pills, powders, suppositories, globuli, etc.

Possible Downsides of Pills

Unfortunately, many things have a negative side, as well. In the case of pills, the downside is clearly their use: you have to carry them with you at all times, whether in packages or in previously prepared pill organizers. You have to remember to take them on time (it’s probably best to set a reminder on your cellphone – now, where did you put that?). Typically, you are supposed to take medications at a prescribed time, regardless of whether you`re at the gym or in a meeting. It`s not a very user friendly way to manage pain!

Last but not least, not everyone likes to take pills. Many patients hate the idea of bulky objects getting stuck in their throats. Do feel that way, too?

A New Way to Treat Migraines

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking for new ways to improve patients` quality of life. At the end of the 1970s, LTS had the idea of administering medications, through the skin, using a patch. The first product was a patch delivering medication for angina pectoris. The company then successfully developed and manufactured nicotine patches, hormone and painkilling patches. By way of this blog, we will keep you informed about all of LTS` products, one at a time. Today, we will focus only on pain and how you can manage it – easily!

Fight Back!

So, just stick it to the pain. LTS gives you the tools to do just that.


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