Wearing a patch in summer brings about a lot of questions: does it last in heat, an you wear it under the shower or in the pool.

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What we have been waiting for has finally arrived: summer, sun, and swimming pool weather! That said, the heat can be really a bit much, sometimes. It’s a great relief to slip into a tank top and shorts and beat the heat.
For some people, for instance those who have to wear a cast, or a bandage or a patch, a change of clothes may not be enough to keep them comfortable. Some patches need to stay on for an extended time; they can itch or tug painfully when removed and if removed too early, it can lose its effect.

More Comfortable Patches in Summer

I can put your mind to rest: the adhesive in LTS transdermal patches prevents sensitivity reactions, such as itching. Unfortunately, some users may suffer from specific allergies and we can`t combat those. So long as you are bathing in “normal” temperatures, the patch does not come off in water – not in the pool or in the shower. So, if you do everything in Moderation, it will all be fine.
Yes, a medical patch that is removed too early will loose its effect. The active ingredients can no longer be released through the skin when there is no contact between body and patch.

Normally, a patch will not peel “on its own” since the adhesive is well designed – it can hold more than you might think!

The Patch: Only You Will Know It’s There

Moreover, most people won`t even know you`re wearing a patch. You can apply it to any part of the body, so no matter what you`re wearing, you can apply your patch beneath your clothing. This is great for summer weather, formal events and other situations when you want to “show some skin”. Light, inconspicuous, practical: it’s hard to find any reasons not to wear a medical patch when described. With all this in mind, I wish us all a beautiful and especially – a healthy summer.


Images source: © Jeannette Dietl – Fotolia.com