patches and water are compatible

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We often receive positive feedback from patients. We also receive questions from patients regarding the proper use of patches. Many ask if exposure to water is possible while using a patch. Questions include: Can I go to the pool with a patch on? How often can I shower with this patch on? Can water cause the patch to lose its adhesiveness? Does water reduce the patch`s effectiveness?

Your Lifestyle is Important To Us

Our researchers consider all these questions (and more) when developing patches. After all, patients wearing multiple-day patches need to bathe and be able to enjoy life. Patients wearing a patch do not need to worry about swimming, bathing or even sweating. Go on and keep playing soccer, jogging and working in the garden – do whatever you enjoy!

Patch-properties are supposed to suit everyday lives. Your freedom of movement and daily routine should not be affected. That is very important to us.

Avoid Lotions and Hairy Areas

Skin to which a patch is applied should be dry and free of grease, so please do not apply any lotion to that area because no patch can adhere to grease. Hirsute areas of skin also prevent proper adhesion. You may find it more aestetic to wear the patch in areas that are concealed and vot visible to everyone. Even extensive body hair prevents good adhesion. Of course, it is nicer to wear the patch in areas that are concealed and not visible to everyone.

Excessive movement can cause the patch to detach from the skin (for instance, if you were to place the patch on your elbow). Regardless of the type of patch being used, one of the most convenient areas for placement is certainly your back.
Sometimes a patch can come off when undressing. If that happens, just stick it back on and you`re done. Brief removal has no consequences whatsoever.

So don’t worry – with our patches, you will be ready to keep up with your routine and enjoy everyday life.


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