A few days ago I was watching a broadcast about the last mysteries of the earth. The report highlighted many exciting natural phenomena and provided various explanations. It was about the so-called fairy circles in the grassland of Namibia. These are many similar meter-sized circles in arbitrary distances and nobody knows where they come from.

Different approaches

The solution of the riddle: The biologist who joined the trip dug out holes and found some moisture in the soil. This spurred his spirit of research and he dug further. In the end he found the remains of termite nests. His interpretation was: Termites could have eaten away the roots, which in turn could have led to the circular patterns. So much for the biologist’s theory. Now, each scientific discipline has its own focus and its very own approach. On the same subject, here is the theory of a scientist with a geological background: It must be gas that is escaping. The microbiologist, on the other hand, is sure that it was bacteria that were responsible and the botanist believes in the theory of self-organization.

Different solutions

For me it is fascinating how different the solutions are and at the same time (for me) very logical, because they are derived scientifically. Like often, truth probably is somewhere in between or completely elsewhere. But this is exactly what I experience every day in my work at LTS. We are a very scientifically oriented company, and it is not uncommon to become a witness when the reasons given by colleagues very clearly reveal their scientific origin. Also the humorous teasing among each other is quite normal regarding who the real scientist is. But that’s our secret, we want to get to the bottom of things to find new technologies that bring active ingredients gently into the body for the benefit of the patient. And here we make few compromises to find the best way. And in order to achieve this in the best and most effective way possible, scientists from a wide range of disciplines work together in our company. We use the synergies to examine our topics from many angles and our successes prove us right. With us you will find pharmacists, biologists, chemists and engineers who work hand in hand and unify their extensive knowledge.

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image: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG