Again and again we hear about megatrends, i.e. trends that have an impact not just for a few years but for several decades. Megatrends mark changes that have shaped us for a long time and will continue to do so for a long time to come. They can be described as deep currents of change. As evolutionary forces in global society, they have an impact in all areas of society: in business, politics, technology, culture and science. Megatrends are the major drivers that are slowly but fundamentally and lastingly changing the world.

Who defines the megatrend?

This is how megatrends are defined. The Zukunftsinstitut has defined a total of 12 megatrends. These are: Culture of knowledge, urbanization, connectivity, individualization, neo-ecology, globalization, gender shift, health, new work, mobility, silver society, security. Of these twelve, five megatrends will become particularly important for companies in the 2020s.


What today still has strongly selfish traits will in the future increasingly shift towards community and collective intelligence. Instead of the individual, communities and collaborations will become more important and will influence the way teams work together and how organizations are managed.

Silver Society

The Silver Society means a re-coding of the economy, which will also be clearly evident in the coming decade. The aging society, with its very particular perspective on performance, innovation and growth and its wealth of experience, is of great importance to companies and can make an incredible contribution to their vitalization.


Today, everyone is connected with everything and everyone, always and everywhere. We live in a network of networks, a circumstance that challenges us not only technologically, but above all socially. The way we deal with new possibilities through the interaction between people and technology will have a decisive impact on the 2020s.


Keywords such as organic markets, the EU Plastics Directive, the energy revolution – this megatrend has a deep impact on our everyday lives. It influences personal purchasing decisions, social values, corporate strategies and is the most powerful driver of our time, because it fundamentally changes entrepreneurial thinking.

Culture of Knowledge

Panta rei – everything flows, including knowledge in our modern times. Here, the focus is on the ability to react agilely and flexibly to changes and surprises. They require holistic thinking, and interpersonal qualities will also become enormously important, especially for managers.

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Image: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG